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How to configure the SMTP for emails sending

The CMS has support for SMTP. By default this feature is disabled and the SMTP is optionally. The administrator could configure the SMTP and send all emails through a SMTP service.

The SMTP could be configured in the administrator panel -> Settings(last icon in the main menu) -> SMTP:

  • Enable SMTP - should be enabled if the SMTP should be used.
  • SMTP Protocol - could be supported only one from these: smtp, sendmail or mail.
  • SMTP Host - is the SMTP host or url.
  • SMTP Port - should be a number which represents the port.
  • SMTP Username - should be the SMTP username.
  • SMTP Password - should be the SMTP password.
  • SMTP SSL - should be enabled if the SMTP configuration requires.
  • SMTP TLS - should be enabled if the SMTP configuration requires.

To save the configuration the administrator should click the button Save. When the Save button is clicked a test email will be sent to the notifications email added in config.php.

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